Computer Chess

 A few computer chess projects I was involved in

International Polish Computer Chess Championships - which I organized
Akiba - Chess program prototype (basic WinBoard support+Alpha-Beta 4 ply) developed by me. Warning! It is only prototype - it can move the pieces, but not seriously play chess :)
Wbunit - my Delphi unit for connect your chess program and WinBoard
Some Aspects of Chess Programming, M. Strejczek M.Sc. thesis supervised by me
Program grający w szachy, M. Rostek Dipl. Eng. thesis supervised by me (PL)

A few links concerning chess programming in Pascal and Delphi

Booot (Program from Ukraine with source code)
Chess 2000 - program with source (Delphi)
Chessfiz program without source code (Pascal, DOS) [Local copy]
Deep Ross - program with source (Delphi) [Local copy]
Geko - program with source (WinBoard interface and tournament generator)
IBCHess - interesting program with source (Delphi, bitboards) [Local copy]
JSSchach an old german Turbo Pascal chess program from 1993 with the complete source code [Local copy]
KCChess - Kevin and Craig's Chess Program - not too strong but very pleasant
Lasker an old german Turbo Pascal chess program from 1993 with the complete source code [Local copy]
Matter - checkmate seeker (minimax) in position from FEN file
Nero - engine in Pascal with WinBoard interface
P4 program in standard ISO 7185 Pascal
Resplendent Chessboard - interface and engine (Tom Simple Chess Program) as VCL object (Delphi and C++Builder) and version for Delphi XE7 (slightly modified by me)
RDChess - program with source
Schachkomponenten V.6.2 für Delphi 2.0 - VCL components (Delphi and C++Builder) in German
Tom Simple Chess Program - Pascal Version
Turbo Chess The original program from Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0
zzzzzz5 - Delphi 4 program with possibility of evaluation function changes [copy on] [local copy of the program with source]
Interesting page about pascal and chess [copy on]

A few other interesting links about chess programming

Armageddon - Grzegorz Sidorowicz page with links, resources and his chess program

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